N-AcetylThiazolidine-4-Carboxylic Acid is very good results found in manycrops like Increase in fruit size and weight ,improvement..Quality of fruit improves .Increase in biological activity. Cytokine and auxine Stimulate seed germination. Better absorption of soil nutrients by plants. increased development of ridiculers systems. Reduction of transplantation shock and better growth (anti-stress) . Stimulate chlorophyll formation. . Increase blooming duration and fruit quantity and quality. . Slow down the aging process. Better resistance to high temperature conditions and parasites. Longer shelf life. Better Fruit Setting ,More Vegetative Growth,Improvement in Fruit Quality,Early flowering, and Ripening, Increase resistance to adverse climatic condition. It is recommended to overcome chemical phytoxicit. It is recommended in many crops such as : Cotton, Grape, Tomato, Chilies, Potato, Pomegranate, Rose, Citrus, Brinjal, Mango, Water melon, Wheat, Paddy, SUGARCANE.

It is generally recommended just before flowring and at time of flowering, fallowed by spray at time of fruit development. Foliar Applicaton at various stage of plants growth-many be applied in combination with foliar fertilizers and micro nutrients. Compatible with all Acidic and Neutral Pesticides. Avoid using with Alkali Pesticides.

This is an active ingredient derived from sulphur rich amino acid. This is used as a Bio-Stimulant in combination with Folic Acid for Foliar Application.This is used as 2% to 5% in Mixing in 100ltr water



Mix half to 1 ml of MARVAL/lit of water and spary, according to growth stages of any crop.

MARVAL increases quality and yield by


Can be used with all kinds of insecticides and micro nutrients

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