To enhance the performance of Agricultural chemicals ,especially water-soluble broadleaf herbicides,fungicides and plant growth regulators. Active-Tech superwetting agent is low molecular weight & A special type of surfactant,developed to improve the wetting,spreading and penetration of agricultural chemicals.

Active-Tech reduces the surface tension of mixture,water etc.. significantly lower than is achievable with conventional Nonionicsurfactants. Active-Tech reduces surface tension which produces very rapid wetting and spreading on hard to wet surfaces such as waxy leaves.that is all the coverages can be done by Active-Tech with herbicides,insecticides,fungicides and other agricultural chemicals

Active-Tech increases the uptakes of chemicals in to palnt tissue increases the uptakes produces Rainfastness i.e chemicals are not washoff by rainfall. Active-Tech penetrated into palnt surface


0.5 ml of ACTIVE-TECH/lit of water.

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