WESTERN BIO ORGANICS is the maiden organization and pioneer agricultural company in India.
It was founded by Shri Kailas S. Bhise in 2002. Having almost thirteen years of farm, research and market experience we are going to conquer the upcoming era of agriculture world. We have well equipped laboratory, manufacturing unit. Western bio organics have a large network of distribution as well as marketing. Along with that we have well educated technical and market development team. We are the manufacturers of various Growth Promoters, Micronutrients, Antiviral products, Bio- stimulants such as Humic-W, Amigrow +, Active-Tech, Marval, Miracle, Protector-W, Root Strong, Silicon 95, Twister etc. which are largely accepted by the farmers. Western Bio Organics have open the doors for every farmer to perform their best. We provide unique, life changing golden opportunity to everyone.


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